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About Rakuten

Since the first Rakuten Ichiba launched in Japan in the year 1997, Rakuten has now expanded its presence worldwide over 10 countries and more to come.

Rakuten Singapore is the latest addition to Rakuten's growing business profile, backed with over 15 years of e-commerce expertise and experience. Rakuten strives with its unique business-to- business-to-customer (B-B-C) business model which makes selling online easy and empowers you, the merchants.

Rakuten is the platform for you to venture online where you have fullest control over your business, inventory and policies.

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Merchants Testimonials

Kaiho Seafood

We have been working with Rakuten (S) for past 1.5 years. The care of service we received from both Rakuten(S) & EC really let us found their enthusiasm to make merchants success in online shopping with their experience in Japan.

Rakuten(S) has user friendly system to design own shop, uploading picture and products, clear & simple process in accounting. Besides, they also use many data & chart to check customer repeating rates, new customers, conversion rate..etc to let merchants to know what is the next focus we need to put in.

We are so much satisfied by the way working together with Rakuten(S) to grow together for our on line shopping division. Hope you enjoy your journey with Rakuten(S) for your online shopping business, too!


TokiChoi will soon celebrate our 2 years anniversary with Rakuten in early 2016!

We feel privileged to have been able to work closely with the group of professional, talented and caring Rakuten team for the past two years. It was nerve-wracking to venture into a new market but the Rakuten staff had made it so easy for us to adapt, to grow, and to thrive.

Their backend system is user-friendly, their campaign mechanism and marketing support is powerful, their onsite is neat and easy to navigate, last but not least, their team members are helpful, nurturing and reliable.

You really couldn’t ask for a better partner on your sometimes wearing e-com journey!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to e-Commerce. Can I make inquiries?
Of course! We will introduce you to EC market and Rakuten services to solve your concerns.
How long will it take to open a shop?
Depending on merchant's experience and abilities, but on average it takes about 1 month.
I'm not sure if my products are suitable for e-Commerce. Can you suggest the strategies?
Yes! Please make an inquiry and our support team will be in contact with you shortly.
How do you ensure quality of products and authenticity?
At Rakuten Singapore, we only allow merchants with a registered business/company to open shop at Rakuten Singapore. In addition, there will be a screening process of merchants' profile and products before they are allowed to open their shop.

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